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Serena Williams warmed-up for the #USOpen with a classic karaoke performance
1 hour 7 min ago
Shania Twain's Farewell Tour has grossed $40 million -- and there's more to come
1 hour 37 min ago
Nile Rodgers said Chic's long-gestating return, It’s About Time, will still be out this year
1 hour 57 min ago

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Ever wonder what pop's biggest stars would look like with a Skrillex 'do? So do we.

  • Rihanna: Oh, Ri-Ri, we love the way your hair lies with this 'do.

Vine has announced a new music-based initiative with a number of new music functions that will take affect Friday, allowing users an improved interface posting and experiencing music content. In a blog post Thursday, the 6-second video sharing social media app outlined "Music on Vine" with the new additions and their benefits. 

Vine & Tumblr Join the Billboard Social 50 Chart

The new "snap to beat" function will allow users to easily create "perfect" or "seamless" loops with their video posts, trimming videos to create "never-ending music loops" where they just play continuously without any apparent beginning or end. There are also sound effects users can add to enhance their performances. 

"To date, our creation tools have focused on the visual components of your Vines," the blog post reads. "By focusing on how your Vines sound, you can make better Vines, and share new music for the world to uncover."

Cameron Dallas, T-Wayne & Vine Success Stories: Real-Time Twitter Chart Rewind Ep. 47

The app will also feature new music discovery features, including a "featured tracks" section and a function that adds information like song titles into music posts, so users aren't reliant on the community to find out what some tune is called. 

Vine recently partnered with Billboard to incorporate its popular songs into the Billboard Social 50 chart, adding substance to the trends that are born from the platform. 

Read the full blog post here

Queen Latifah is vying to win her first Emmy for her stirring performance in the HBO film Bessie, but her portrayal of blues legend Bessie Smith has already accomplished a very special milestone in her career.

Watch Queen Latifah In the 'Bessie' Trailer

"It was the first time I ever watched a movie with me in it and made myself cry," says Latifah, 45, who is up for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie at the Sept. 20 awards ceremony. "I was so into it, I wasn't watching myself, I was watching Bessie."

Queen Latifah's Bessie Smith Film to Premiere May 16 on HBO

Latifah says that playing Bessie tested her to the limit. "She challenged me on every level," she says. "There's a lot that I had to do in this film, from singing to three different relationships to a nude scene. I just basically had to let go and take off the seat belt."

It wasn't hard, though, for Latifah to wholeheartedly embrace the character. "I loved her spirit," she says. "She was just powerful and ahead of her time in a lot of ways. She was a fighter. It reminded me of how fearless and courageous I can be."

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