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Check out the Day 2 highlights from this year's @NewportJazzFest in Rhode Island:
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Watch @Broodsmusic perform "Mother & Father" backstage in the Billboard lounge at #Lolla 2015
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Ever wonder what pop's biggest stars would look like with a Skrillex 'do? So do we.

  • Rihanna: Oh, Ri-Ri, we love the way your hair lies with this 'do.

12:32 PM: Janelle Kroll gets Lollapalooza's second day started on a fitting note with her beautifully accusatory ballad "Sunny Days" at the BMI stage. "Chicago's not the East Coast, tell me about LA" she coos in her reinvention of Joni Mitchell's "Down to You (My Confidante)."

12:45 PM: Metallica fans line the barricade on the Samsung stage, wearing jean vests covered in patches and vintage band T-shirts. These diehard fans showed up hours early just to get a good spot for the band's 8 p.m. show.

Lollapalooza 2015 Friday Recap: Paul McCartney, The Weeknd and More

12:55 PM: The second song into their set, Catfish and the Bottlemen drummer Bob Hall has technical difficulties, so Ryan McCann attempts to entertain the surprisingly large crowd for the early set time. "Our drummer's having a bit of trouble, so let's get to know each other, yeah? Always good to see each other -- especially Nicholas Cage," McCann says, referencing the floating Cage head in the audience.

1:54 PM: "This is a very sad song," explains Ryn Weaver. "I wrote it about  my grandfather." She continues, "I don't think you choose who touches you…" chuckling as the pause sets in. "… In your heart."  She launches into "Traveling Song" amid twanging acoustics.



@ryn_weaver delivered spellbinding show at #Lolla Day 2 : @mattmedved

A photo posted by Billboard (@billboard) on Aug 1, 2015 at 1:55pm PDT


2:03 PM: Wearing a striped tank top and black leather shorts, Ryn Weaver draws loud cheers as she sings the opening verse to "Promises." "One moooore" she lilts, while gyrating, dancing, and screaming as the song builds to its climax.

2:38 PM: Vincent Neff, frontman of Django Django, says this is his second Lollapalooza ever. The first time he came to the festival he was 15 years old and came all the way from all Ireland, his home country.

Lollapalooza 2015: Watch Performances Here!

2:45 PM: 30 minutes late, Travi$ Scott finally hits Perry's stage. His reason? "Sorry I was late. I was doing the ultimate amount of drugs."

2:50 PM: After only a few minutes, tensions are high at Scott's performance. "Middle finger up to security right now" and "If you're in a green shirt, get the fuck back," he rallies, asking fans to hop the barrier and defy the guards. Soon, the stage is overrun, and his DJ is forced to cut the music during "Don't Play." Announcements are made saying the set could pick up if everyone clears the stage, but it never happens. That's a wrap for Scott, after just a few minutes of actual performance. For more on the incident, check Billboard's story here.

Watch it all go down here:

3:51 PM: Charli XCX performs her and Iggy Azalea's "Fancy," but she sings Azelea's vocal parts as the song goes on and the crowd goes wild. Out in the crowd, dragonflies are flying everywhere, getting close to everyone's heads and making the people hoisted up on shoulders a little antsy. 

4:10 PM: Death From Above 1979 drummer and singer Sebastien Grainger returned to the festival since his last appearance in 2011. "The spirit of Lollapalooza is still alive in my purple hair," he says to the screaming crowd below him. (Grainger was a blonde in 2011).

4:11 PM: I run into a group of Metallica fans holding a spot near the front of the main stage during Death From Above 1979's set. One tells me he has seen them 12 times as they pose for a group pic. "They've got almost all the albums represented," notes an observer. He's wearing a Metallica shirt too.

One Direction -- minus Harry Styles -- was also spotted walking around the festival: 

Niall, Liam and Louis were at Lolla! - Mel

-- 1D5SECS UPDATES (@1D5SECS) August 2, 2015

 4:22 PM: "We can't play the original without playing the Flume remix!" holler Hermitude, as they drop both versions of "HyperParadise" before mixing into their remix of ODESZA's "Say My Name." Wearing matching hats in different seafoam green and red variants, the Aussie duo play live keyboard with their heads bobbing in unison to broken beats and heavy synth layers.

4:43 PM: RL Grime pleases a packed Perry's stage with a thundering trap rendition of Drake's "Know Yourself" while clusters of bros shout about woes.

4:59 PM: Walk the Moon jumps onto the Sprint stage, rocking out to the Lion King theme, "Circle of Life." 

Watch Paul McCartney Do Rare 'FourFiveSeconds' Performance at Lollapalooza

5:33 PM: Eli Maiman, lead guitarist of Walk the Moon, splits a hole in his jeans at the very beginning of their set from jamming too hard. "I just want to acknowledge it, and now we can celebrate it," Maiman says as he flexes for the crazed fans.

5:45 PM: Walk the Moon drops mega-hit "Shut Up and Dance" to the surprise of no one towards the tail end of their set.

6:45 PM: Boys Noize finishes strong with a rework of Nirvana's "Lithium," shearing the sound with aggressive filter sweeps and jumping on the drop as swift crossfader moves stutter the progression that follows.

7:00 PM: Long Island cult heroes Brand New come out swinging, with their new single "Mene" getting their Sprint Stage crowd into a frenzy. 

Lollapalooza 2015: Backstage Portraits! 

7:31 PM: "Sic Transit Gloria (Glory Fades)" sounds absolutely ferocious, with a second drummer-percussionist added to Brand New's attack. Frontman Jesse Lacey and guitarist Vincent Accardi are trading frenetic, half-sung, half-screamed vocals to rev up each chorus. And the crowd is responding; mosh pits open and hands raise in unison. 

7:45 PM: Brand New ends its set -- one of the most rock offerings of the weekend -- on a high note, with Devil and God opener "Sowing Season (Yeah)." Their final set list is: 

Mene, Sink, Gasoline, Millstone, At the Bottom, Jesus Christ, You Won't Know, Sic Transit Gloria (Glory Fades), Okay I Believe You, but My Tommy Gun Don't, Seventy Times 7, Degausser, Sowing Season (Yeah)

8:04 PM: People flock to the Pepsi stage to see Banks after Kid Cudi ends his set. People stand in the street trying to get a glimpse of her sing "Beggin For Thread."

8:19 PM: "The Metallica family is here," snarls James Hetfield. "How many are virgins here?" A sizable crowd roars in response. He chuckles. "If you don't know what to do, just look at the people who have been here before.. they'll show you to have some fun here!" With heavyweight selections "Sanitarium," "One" and "Master of Puppets" in the rotation, it'd be next to impossible not to.

During Alesso's set (8:30-9:45 PM at Perry's stage) he was joined by Tove Lo, who sang her part in Alesso's hit "Heroes":



TAKING OFF @alesso @lollapalooza #heroes

A photo posted by Tove Lo (@tovelo) on Aug 1, 2015 at 9:07pm PDT




Everyday people do everyday things but I can't be one of them ️ #lollapaloozachicago #lollapalooza #alesso #tovelo @gui_bornholdt

A video posted by Talita Peixer (@taipeixer) on Aug 1, 2015 at 10:24pm PDT


8:53 PM: Sam Smith shares with the crowd that Chicago is one of his favorite places to perform, and that today is a very special day for him -- it's his little sister's birthday. The crowd chants, "Happy birthday, Mabel," for the Smiths.

9:16 PM: Smith teaches the large crowd at the Bud Light stage some dance moves during the middle of "Restart." Left, right, twice to the side and back. The crowd picked it up in no time.

9:27 PM: Smith dedicated a few minutes of his set to Amy Winehouse by covering her "Tears Dry on Their Own," but mashed it up with Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love."

Sam Smith Covers Amy Winehouse, Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye & Chic at Lollapalooza

9:55 PM: "I know I shouldn't say this, but this has been one of the most amazing festivals I've ever played in my life," Sam Smith admits, just before closing his set with -- you guessed it -- "Stay With Me."

10:02 PM: Metallica exceeds their scheduled time on a muscular series of encores that includes their deep cut cover of traditional Irish drinking song, "Whiskey in the Jar," and ferocious Garage Inc. era rework of Diamond Head's "Am I Evil." The latter prefaces a stunning rendition of fan favorite "Nothing Else Matters" that leaves fans speechless and throwing signs of the horns skyward.  A cascade of black balls signals crushing final encore "Enter Sandman." "Metallica is grateful after 34 years we're still here thank you Chicago -- thank you Metallica family!" Hetfield hollers as he finishes.

For those looking for a sensitive end to the second night of Lollapalooza (Aug. 1), Sam Smith delivered a heartfelt set across the festival grounds from Metallica's fury. In addition to performing all of In the Lonely Hour's best tracks, Sam made sure there was a bit of variety in his hour and fifteen minutes onstage before the beautiful Chicago skyline. 

Check Out the Highlights From Day 1 of Lollapalooza: The Weeknd, Paul McCartney & More

Midway through the set, Smith and his backing band shook things up and injected a medley of soulful covers into the mix. "This is for you, Amy," he declared, and the band jumped into Winehouse's Back to Black dazzler "Tears Dry On Their Own." But that wasn't all. They quickly segued into a bit of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," with two of Sam's backing singers taking lead on Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's respective parts in the Motown standard. Finally, the mega mix ended with a dash of disco -- Chic's 1978 hit "Le Freak."

And Sam looked good doing it!



@samsmithworld headlining the Bud Light Stage. Photo by @thesprawlstory

A photo posted by lollapalooza (@lollapalooza) on Aug 1, 2015 at 7:48pm PDT


Later on in the set, Smith also covered a little bit of the Elvis Presley slow dance classic, "Can't Help Falling In Love With You." An artist pressed into playing big headline gigs with only an album to his name, Smith's jukebox tendencies kept the set fresh, balancing out the sleepier Lonely Hour deep cuts that will need to fill out his stage time until he has more festival-friendly jams under his belt. 

Does Sam Smith & Disclosure's 'Omen' Match 'Latch'?

But of course, it was more than covers. The set swelled into majestic peaks when Smith busted out "Like I Can" and "Money on My Mind," the latter of which he described as being inspired by some studio collaborators who were only in it for the money. Speaking of which, Sam was in a talkative mood. He gave numerous shout-outs to the city of Chicago ("I know I shouldn't say this but this has been one of the most amazing festivals I've ever played in my life") and even one to his sister Mabel, who was celebrating her birthday. 

Watch Sam perform a little bit of "Stay With Me":



#samsmith #lollapalooza2015 #lollapalooza #lolla #lolla2015 #chicago #staywhitme

A video posted by AllanXimenez (@alanximenez) on Aug 1, 2015 at 10:18pm PDT


"This record was a breakthrough for me because it was the first time I was truly honest in my music," he confessed. In that spirit, he described how "I've Told You Now" was about getting drunk in London and confessing his love to a man he fancied and how "Make It To Me" was a love letter to his future soul mate, "whoever it may be." 

Adam Lambert on Bonding With Sam Smith, His New Sound and His 'Dark Side'

Getting towards the end of the set, there were of course his high profile collaborations -- "Latch" with Disclosure and "La La La" with Naughty Boy -- both of which he performed soulful renditions of, in the style of his own album, sans the collaborators. And finally, he closed out the heartwarming set with -- what else -- "Stay With Me." 

Throughout the set, Sam's vocals were on point as expected, complimented time and time again by his backing singers, whom he's been touring with for two years now. Smith, clearly a well-oiled touring machine at this point, will continue the heartstring-tugging on his North American tour, which runs across the western part of the continent for the next two-and-a-half weeks.


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